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Hello world!
It's the middle of November, WHAT?!
I'm almost a little embarrassed to say I haven't blogged since the summer. It seems these things happen ever year. Once summer comes around I have a few extra hours during the day to sit at my  computer and post all the great weddings I had the pleasure of planning over the year. THEN, fall comes. As most of you know, fall is a very busy time in New Orleans for weddings. Pretty much crazy insane. Blogging is the furthest things from my brain as I try to focus on my brides as much as possible. Speaking of Candi. 
This sweet lady contacted me about a year ago and was trying desperately find some guidance in the wedding planning world. She had NEVER been to New Orleans (EVER!) but knew she wanted to tie the knot with her fiancé' Jared in our wonderful charming city. What I love most about Candi is that she wasn't interested in all the fuss that can sometimes come along with planning a wedding. Having a 1 year old daughter, they knew they wanted the wedding to be about them as a family. She knew she wanted an outdoor ceremony, a guest list of 20, and a nice dinner in the city. To some planners this may be a huge turn off, but to me it was exactly what I was looking for in that moment. Weddings like Candi and Jared's remind me of a happy and comfortable place. Sometimes you just don't need 40,000 flowers and a budget to match.  Sometimes it's fabulous and can be so fun to plan and design, but sometimes...less is more. For a wedding planner this job may seem easy, but it is actually very challenging .Do not be fooled into thinking that small intimate weddings such as this do not require a planner or a lot of work. Every wedding requires logistic planning and a schedule, no matter the size. Finding vendors to only work 2 hours instead of the normal 8 or a florist to just make a bouquet instead of the whole shebang is more difficult than you think. Finding a venue that will take the reservation without the normal minimum is a job in itself. Thankfully, I am blessed to know many fabulous vendors who don't mind doing these sorts of things every now and then.
If you ever have the pleasure of meeting the now Mrs.Kelley you will know why I think it was worth it. She is probably one of the sweetest, most kind, generous, loving lady I have ever met. I wasn't surprised when a friend of the bride who could not attend the wedding reached out to me and asked me to surprise Candi with a second line. When planning the wedding, Candi had to choose things that were most important to her and unfortunately a second line did not make the cut. Her friend sent a check  and I made it happen. (Thank you NOPD for issuing me a second line permit 4 days before the wedding!) The look on her face when the band showed up and the police lights started twirling is something I will never forget. I try to hold it together for the sake of the bride but sometimes I just can't help the (happy) tears. Moments like this make me fall in love with my job all over again. Wedding planning is more than just playing with flowers and glitter. I was a part in a memory that Candi and Jared will have for the rest of their life and for that, I am forever grateful.
Enough of the mushy stuff...
Candi and Jared both prepped for the wedding festivities at the Ambassador hotel located in the heart of New Orleans. They traveled separately (in mine and the photographers vehicle) to The Tree of Life in Audubon Park. The couple had a very intimate and tear filled first look and then hung out with their guest until the ceremony began. Short and sweet but very intimate. We loaded up the cars and traveled to what everyone thought would be dinner. When we let everyone out at the corner of Canal St and Charters street I am sure everyone was very confused. Bring on the second line! Take a look for yourself. Can you guess what Candi's favorite color is?

 The pearl bracelet the mothers and bridesmaids was made by yours truly. We also created a bottle cap boutonniere. How neat, right?!

 Clearly, the brides favorite color is orange!



Thank you to all the vendors who contributed and literally made the wedding happen.
Wedding Planner | Belle Soiree Events
Ceremony | Audubon Park- Tree of Life
Hair: Just Face it Beauty
Photographer | Samantha Crayon Photography
Ceremony Musician | Harry Hardin
Officiant | Jerry Schelm
Bouquet | Nola Flora
Bakery : Chez Pierre Bakery
Second line Band | One Mind Brass Band
Reception Dinner | Muriels Jackson Square