November 14th, 2011
Why hire a wedding planner?

Hello loveies! Of course, we might be a little biased on this subject. If we WEREN'T wedding planners...we'd probably still tell you they are a must have, anyways! 

A theme is more than a bunch of sticky notes put together!

Yes, your ideas are fabulous. But they are only the foundation of your theme. Remember they are only ideas and pictures ripped out of magazines. Brides have ended up blowing their budget on one item to the detriment of the whole wedding. This is where your wedding planner becomes your magician. Knowing all the tricks and resources, wedding planners can create a theme that runs through the whole event. They see the whole picture. If budget is a constraint, they will advise you how to economize and still achieve a similar look.
Is your budget a guideline or a blueprint to bankruptcy? 
A budget is an essential part of your wedding planning. Even a million dollar wedding has a budget. A budget will give you perspective and it will center you. It will be a great comfort to you when you want to know where you stand financially. Expenses tend to mount up quickly and your budget will always give you a realistic assessment. I have witnessed brides being so out of control that they end up randomly buying items that have no rhyme or reason. That money could have been spent elsewhere to make the wedding a better experience for the guests. Being realistic about your budget is essential. Don’t fool yourself with a figure knowing you can go over it. You will hurt your chances of selecting the best possible vendors. Your wedding planner is your accountant and will believe the budget you give them. She (or he) will honestly try to work within your parameters. So decide on a realistic figure so your wedding planner can recommend the vendors who will deliver the best work within your budget.

Your wedding planner is your fairy godmother.
When the event manager from your venue tells you they can do your wedding planning, they are not lying. They will do everything under the sun to oversee everything they are ‘responsible for’. However, they are ‘not responsible’ for 90% of the details that go into your wedding. Some brides are shocked when things go wrong. They thought their venue person would be on top of things. Not necessarily. If they have several events that day, they can’t be held responsible for letting you know your flowers haven’t arrived or your Best Man is held up in traffic. Imagine walking into a bald room instead of the floral intensive ballroom you paid for. Your wedding planner is your overseer. Their job is to make sure everything arrives on time and complete. If you have 15 tables, 13 centerpieces just won’t do. They will get the florist to fix it. If the videographer does not show up, they should be able to find a replacement for you. Things happen, but it is your wedding planner’s job to see that things are fixed and end up perfect. Your wedding planner is your fairy godmother.

The tedious stuff....yeah, we love it!
Checklist. Do we know anyone who likes them? And timelines. “Who has time to think of these boring things, I’m getting married!,” I recall one bride saying. Actually, you might not be getting married after all if the Minister does not show up. Timelines are critical. Timelines are necessary. And timelines keep your wedding planner sane. They thrive on them. You, however, should never be subjected to them. These are the things a bubbling bride should be kept far away from. They will certainly kill the excitement. But in the end...they make the day flow flawlessly...if done right!

Frazzled is not fabulous!
Wedding planning and the events that lead up to your day will be stressful. You should have one job only. Keeping yourself relaxed and living in the moment. You need time to take in and enjoy this special day. Be with your loved ones. Be happy. Be kind. And mostly, be assured that your wedding is going to be the most fabulous day of your life. Yes, all weddings have glitches. And yours will too. But your wedding planner will make sure you never have to deal with or see them. You may never even know anything out of the ordinary happened. And that is the sign that you are a genius at wedding planning. You started out with great ideas, hired a wedding planner to bring them to life, and sat back like a pampered princess on your wedding day accepting all the accolades that you deserve.

 Photo courtesy of Stevie Ramos Photoraphy.

 Hope this gave you a little more positive information as to why every bride needs and deserves a wedding planner. Visit our website to view more package information and details about what we offer! Happy Planning!